Microbe Heroes

The Microbe Heroes NFT collection overlays the function of LaLa Gardens Cooperative as a regenerative system and maps a viable path by which other gardens step from exploitative to regenerative. Of the proceeds going to the LaLa Gardens ecosystem, 60% will support the ongoing metamorphosis of the garden from private to cooperatively owned and stewarded. 40% of the proceeds will fund up to 5 aligned projects with feedback loops in place to nurture the garden and its regenerative abundance.
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175 Matic

Microbe Heroes



Microbe Heroes


A band of 5 microbes (Micro Heroes) are on a quest to find a mythic character, LeeLa (meaning, Divine Play) who has traveled here from the future, is herself an unlikely hero by virtue she arrived in the past by accident. LeeLa is human, from a time when we have solved all our immediate planetary challenges and live in balance with nature. Leela arrives in a broken world, knowing the path to planetary regeneration. 

She carries with her a few tools which will be revealed in future narratives as the Microbes move through their journey together in search of her. 

One is a bag of microbial inoculants, The Inoculators, a unique blend indigenous microbes, from the pristine garden she tends in her future time. She is never without it as it is the genesis inoculation to restore depleted lands into gardens of diversity and beauty. This bag of soil is the birthplace and origin of this team of Microbe Heroes.  

The microbes are activated by the journey into the past and as they are collected and distributed according to where LeeLa begins her new path, restoring the past;  as she knows the pathways to regeneration and is here to help. The microbes quest to meet LeeLa by various myths and  rumors. One, that she throws epic parties and gatherings of humans and creatures.

1. Quorum One (First release): To first and concurrently apply 60% of proceeds to LaLa Gardens to begin her metamorphosis from LLC to LCA. NFT holders can be granted a ‘membership promise” as we refinance and restructure for those interested in an onboarding pathway to LaLa Gardens Cooperative, LCA. LCA is a Cooperative model (Limited Cooperative Association) LaLa Gardens is adopting towards redefining land ownership to stewardship  structure, and garden membership and governance as a LCA DAO.

2. Concurrently (40%), to fund specific regenerative projects within the NFT ecosystem as determined by individual NFT utilities and holders, allowing for purchaser agency in choosing a specific menu of projects. The ecosystem will be supported within a Microbe Heroes platform (see flow chart at end), developed for the growing community of Microbes. These various utilities are described below under ‘Specifications’). 

Included for all Microbe Heroes (NFT Holders) ongoing through future releases and airdrops are:

Access for all NFT holders to all functions within the platform to be, including: curated immersive events, micro-festivals, education, retreats and residencies. The functions will be articulated through a responsive, simple needs-based assessment within the NFT holding community and includes access to the platform, regular publication of Zines, and Comics, Metaverse (Microverse) build out, website support, membership platform, data, media infrastructure including AM Radio (on the microbial wish-list), podcast, social media and curated web3 iterations. 

3. On achieving Quorum One (LaLa Gardens is operating as a LCA DAO), a second collection of NFT Microbe Heroes is launched.  40% of sales will then be allocated to first, fully buyback LaLa Gardens through the LCA with structuring that guarantees the future protection of LaLa Gardens as a successional natural garden forever with her rights articulated as a sovereign being with rights according to principles outlined within the Declaration of Independence (see link in references) , and community governed through the LaLa Gardens Cooperative, LCA DHO)

4. On achieving Quorum Two, (buyback and transfer to LaLa Gardens LCA DHO has been achieved), the 40% revenue stream becomes estuary to two more ‘gardens’ or homesteads towards the same objective, (land translated from individual ownership to ‘public good’ within communities that sustain them, in part through the mechanics of this heroic Inoculators NFT and future iterations). Once three related gardens (within this network of trust) are stabilized within a protective community structure, a third release of Microbes.

5. Quorum Three,  is allocated to supporting commons projects and ecosystem projects like volunteer fire departments, watershed preservation and restoration projects according to designed utility (TBD), including the utilities of various assets as described below. 


Generative Collection: 5,000 initial

Resulting combinations generated will have the same unique characteristics and utility functions according to their unique generated configuration, at first within the initial launch, defined by the 5 general Membrane Functions).

Specific Functions of assets: 

Microorganisms have unique qualities. One among the facultative anaerobic bacteria is upon reaching quorum through population, the next generation genetically mutates to become a living membrane, thus demonstrating the power of community over individual expressions towards protection and nurturing. This membrane is permeable and governing according to the needs of the community housed within it. It is a living membrane, fully responsive within the environment it is created. 

To follow are functions of the assets including Body Type Functions (because each Microbe Hero is an individual as well as of a ‘type’, Lab, Cyano, Indigo, etc., so function differently according to body shape).

Body Type Functions


- (Warrior) life-supporting, membrane-forming, hydrating, protecting, first-responder. 

- Supportive of projects to do with home infrastructure and protection, animal husbandry, spa, health, food preparation, soil building and restoration.


- (Alchemist) cleansing, burning/destruction (cathartic), igniting, light-bearing, education, cross-pollination. 

- Supportive of projects to do with Natural Farming, education platforms and programs, media, networking.


- (Artist) micro-festivals, celebrations, ritual, ceremony, flower medicine, play.

- Supportive of projects to do with artist residencies, immersive experiences, theater, events, festivals, rituals, celebrations, ceremonies, games, plant medicine.


- (Scribe) visionary, mutable, internet, electric, everywhere all at once.

- Supports writing projects, online programs, cohorts, DAOs, Trade-Route, travel, internships, continued skill building and education. 


- (Pioneer) unknown, transitions, under-world/(inner-world), potent, mysterious, pre-language, etheric.

- Supports programs ameliorating homelessness, societal disruption, debt-crisis, emergencies, generational trauma and other injustices. Also, risk-averse, promising but experimental projects.

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