Regen Campus | Envision

We’re launching Regen Campus @ Highland Lake, a 120-acre mixed use campus, to prototype regenerative economic systems at a village scale. The vision is to coordinate with other regenerative projects across the Katuah Bioregion, open-sourcing our process, and integrating wisdom from other bioregional projects to coordinate and learn globally. By purchasing NFTs in this collection, you’re supporting Regen Civics Alliance and joining an infinite game with the goal being to co-create new economic systems on our journey towards thriving in regenerative civilizations. What these NFTs become and the utility they offer is up to the creativity and participation of Regen Civics Alliance members.
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November 5, 2022
222 Matic

Regen Campus | Envision



Regen Campus | Envision


Hey Tribe!

These NFT art pieces function as “proof of contribution” (NFTs) which support a team establishing “base camp” on the 120-acre mixed-use hub and incubator, called Regen Campus, located at Highland Lake Cove in the ‘Katuah ReGen Bioregion’ - formerly known as Flat Rock, North Carolina, USA.

The different tiers provide the same offerings at different price points simply because some people can give more than others, and these NFTs are a tool for fundraising, building membership, and galvanizing support around the vision of Regen Campus. Our intention is not for those with more resources to reap more benefits. We’re striving for accessibility, inclusivity, and for all members to have influence and voice as we actualize the vision for Regen Campus, together.

We’re here to prototype regenerative economic systems on a village, town, and bioregional scale using a diversity of tools and open-sourcing our process. 

Your contribution will be pooled into the ReGen Civics Alliance DAO where members will use funds raised to support roles in the DAO for a variety of on-the-ground efforts. 

Via NFT-gated discord servers and channels, holders will get first access to sign up for limited events, such as the “ReGen Games” and “ReGen SummerCamp” where we can accommodate a limited number of teams. 

The NFTs also provide “proof of membership” in the wider Regen Civics Alliance making holders eligible to apply for roles, and receive badges, airdrops, and Regen Civics Tokens which track contributions towards our shared mission to co-create regenerative economic systems. Each tier will provide different perks and benefits. 

Whatever USD value of MATIC is used to buy the NFT(s) at the time of purchase, holders will receive that same dollar equivalent back in Regen Civics Tokens. 

Welcome to the game!

Note: You can become a member of the alliance and take part in the games without an NFT, too. Stay tuned for alternative avenues to join! 

Funds raised from this collection will cover the first 6 months of the project and DAO’s activation, including: 

A permaculture land assessment, analysis, and consulting session to inform which gardening and natural building projects we focus on, and how we execute them - $2k 

Covering the team members’ basic needs (room, utilities, & healthy food staple items) - $5k

Compensating alliance members onsite or remotely who are activating the vision for Regen Civics Alliance and Regen Campus  - $8k

Funding the operational setup for regenerative seed-to-shelf food production in preparation for launch next Spring - $5k

“Poop Palace” Compost Toilet Builds w/ a Waste Management Plan that includes collecting plant matter that is abundant onsite to serve as compost mix - $5k

Developing fundraising material and approaching aligned individuals and groups to raise for the purchase of Highland Lake Resort, a 150-acre property and resort neighboring the 120-acres where Regen Civics Alliance members are currently residing and co-creating. - $5k

Building alternative, regenerative natural structures (i.e. treehouses, tiny homes made of recycled materials, cobb and / or hempcrete structures, earth ships, domes, & more - $54k

Syd as Prompter for MidJourney AI art
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Regen Campus | Envision